Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A quick tip - to loose extra weight!

Well, who ever knows me, they know that I have been heavy since a very long time. And if you know me, you would also know that I have been extremely lazy to do exercise. Indeed my friends try so often to get me to do exercise, and even if I might start for a couple of days, I just end up lazy.

Okay, that's enough bad said about me :P, lets just get to the topic.

Recently, a junior of mine at college, she shared a tip with me, claiming it helped her loose a lot of unwanted weight and also she said that whomever she shared it with, it helped them.

It is really, really simple and I tried it for like a month or so, and this time when I was back home, I was 5 kgs less on the weighing scale and everyone keeps telling me that I am getting in good shape now!!
And yeap - I just love listening to it over and over again; no matter if I tell them modestly that I am still the same ;)

Okay, so here's what you need to do - Buy some honey and pepper (grounded).

Each day, twice a day - before breakfast and hours after your lunch (make sure you havent eaten anything after lunch till a few hours), boil some water - I mean it, boil it. Make it as hot as you can. Then add like half to one spoon of honey, some lemon and our mystery element - pepper!

And drink it. It should be hot enough, so sip it slowly, that's no problem.

And trust me - this works! It so does.

Rather, I don’t even like lemon, so I avoid it, and only the remaining mixture worked for me.

Further, if you arent as lazy as me, some exercise, along with this, you can just spend like half an hour in the morning or both the times (if you feel like) and along with this mixture, give it a month and you will see for yourself - see the magic work!! ;)

Another tip, that a lot of people have given me but I am yet to try - avoid eating when you don’t feel like. That is - when at home, we keep looking for some munching and that is one real bad habit. Have fix routine for your diet (I follow this one… with all honesty!)… and don’t eat anything between meals. Even if you go to someone's house, avoid munching on.

And yes, always avoid sugar and salt whenever you can! Have a rule maybe - to not take any salt and sugar after 7:30 .. Yes this early, for its healthy to eat early. This way your stomach is empty till you sleep and so you have more chances of loosing weight as you sleep!!

HOWEVER, that honey, lemon and pepper thing works!! So if you are just as lazy as me, this is the least you can do for yourself and it worked for me, and I pray, it does, for you :)

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