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Ghanchakkar : stuck between lazy and crazy.... Review

Whenever I hear the word 'Ghanchakkar' I cant stop humming 'Oye Ghanchakkar Babu' or 'lazy lad lazy lad lazy lad… Saiyaan… Lo kar lo Baat' .. Lolzz..
Yes, indeed the movie has a wonderful and catchy music. Indeed, though the music maynot have had made it to the most favourite playlists of all the people, it is definitely one kind of music that everyone has heard. The songs, if not in the eternity of length, yet people remember partly for they have been so widely known and played.

The movie is fresh from all the love-stories releasing around the movie - Raanjhana, Lootera and Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya (a little later)… and this is what makes the movie worth the watch.

However, personally I feel that the movie was wrongly publicized.

The movie is a simple story about a con-couple. The wife - Neetu (Vidya Balan) is the more greedy of the two as she enjoys a luxurious high-end living standard. She reads international magazines and desires everything, right from food to furnishing and clothes, all to be of the standard that she finds glamorous. Meanwhile, the husband - Sanjay (aka Sanju) (Emraan Haashmi) is a simple and self satisfied man. It is hard to imagine him as a con-artist in the past. He thinks that they have sufficient to lead their lives happily and so relaxes on his couch everyday watching television and enjoys whatever his wife cooks. He has a caring mother who calls him daily to ask about his health.

Lazy meets Crazy

This is, until one day, someone calls Sanju and offers him to do a job - to rob a bank - 35 crores. A reluctant Sanju, eventually agrees in the greed of a bigger television, better life and moreover his wife's contentment.
Trust me, I am not going to write out, but you must definitely check out the bank robbery scene - it's rib-tickling. I mean, its extremely wonderful and probably one scene that makes it a comedy. (The movie is actually a situational comedy).

The story starts where the people who got Sanju to do the job, insist that he keeps the money for a couple of months until the Police stop investigating. They trust Sanju for he is the only one who got a family, which will eventually become his weakness.
Itna bada TV? Nahi, itna bada...
Sanju's life takes a drastic turn when he meets an accident and starts loosing his memory. When the people call again to share the loot, he has completely forgotten who they are. They kidnap Neetu, but are forced to send her back owning to her expensive lifestyle and demands. They are forced to stay with the couple until Sanju hands over the money.

The rest of the movie is a little monotonous with not so much ups and down. It is all about Sanju trying to remember where he hid the money and everytime he thinks he is closer, he forgets more.

The end of the movie is again worth a viewing. It is supposed to be an anti-climax which is hillariously turned into a good-bad-mix ending with a phone call.
Sanju looses most of his memory and he thinks the Neetu is having the money and is ditching him along with his best friend. He is sure of this and goes to confront her on a train, escaping, when he finds that she was held hostage. No matter they continue argument. There is another boss who is supposed to be the master mind behind the robbery. He is angry for Sanju loosing the money and kills the other two. He sees that Sanju has no memory, so lets him live, as this would be his worst punishment.

In the end, the location of the money is revealed. Neetu is happy and excited, meanwhile amused that Sanju has completely forgotten about any money.
I find that the ending was a little loose for there was no expression on Emraan's face. He was shown to have completely lost his memory and had no clue about any money.

Emraan's acting in the movie is really commendable. He has done a great job with serious acting. Though it is a comedy movie, the role of Sanju was of a serious man and Emraan has convinced us completely.
Therefore, if you are a Emraan fan, definitely go check it out - its for you!! Even if not, this is definitely a relief from the love stories and a movie with a freshness. Go check it out!!

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