Monday, July 15, 2013

How to take an image of the your desktop (PrintScreen key)

Okie, to everyone who knows it, I know you think I am probably stupid enough to even think of writing this, but trust me, I had to 'Google' it to learn it and I believe there are still plenty of people who want to learn this.

And moreover, I keep hearing from people that I am a total amazing computer professional, just because I know it ;)

To all the beginners… Its very easy! Just give a reading and then try it yourself. You will know it forever!

Note : I am no expert to teaching and these little tips and tricks vary system to system. I am enclosing images of several different types of keyboards. Hope its good.

Step 1 : Just so to let it be handy, I suggest you open any image-editting software. Simplest is Paint and whenever I need to do image capture just for to save the screen, I use Paint only.

Step 2. : Open the screen you want to take a snap of.

Step 3. : Now see your keyboard and look in the upper right side of the keyboard (your right) for a key that reads 'print screen' or anything to abbreviate it like 'prt sc'.

Step 4. : The 'print screen' may or maynot be a single key.If it is a single key, well you are in luck or It is either written on top and another label on the same key is written below (as we can see in the image); or it might be in some color like mine has blue. There is some other key label with the standard white. (I havent tried the print screen as a solo key, so if it doesnt work, try with shift)

Step 5. : If it is white and written above, press shift key along with this key (print screen key). If it is in another color like blue for me, then there will be some key near to the lower left (your left) corner of the keyboard with the same color. Like mine reads 'fn' in the same blue.

Step 6. : You have successfully taken a snapshot. Now go to paint and paste it there using your mouse (right click > Paste) or press Ctrl key + V from the keyboard.

Step 7. : Now just save it and you are done!!

Hope it helped you :)

And don’t worry if you couldn’t get it right in the first go, you can definitely try again and it aint difficult, so you will get it definitely…

For any further queries, feel free to flood the comments ;)

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