Monday, July 15, 2013

Is 'God' dead?

Hey there,
Well first of all, I have no intentions to ever hurt anyone or any feelings. I don’t feel to write this to any specific community or people, I mean general.

Honestly, I believe that there is only one God. There is one ultimate supreme (that's why he is called so :P) and that we all, like we speak in different languages, we have learnt to call him or remember him with different names. That doesn’t mean that he is different to me than he is to you and that he would ever prefer his one child over the other.
God is definitely like a father who is always there, constantly guiding us, helping us, making us stronger and a better person to walk this planet… Now, is he?

Watching the Supernatural Season 05 (which is cool, if you take it from me), I can't help but ponder over this question.
With what recently happened in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand (India) where 10z of 1000z of people who went to pilgrimage, one of the prime most temples of Lord Shiva in India, they were killed by the devastating flood and high tides, which swept away lives, property, automobiles and even entire villages in itself. Now, that place remains unattended to. There were several rescue operations but none of them good enough to save people. Yes, people were saved, but help arrived atleast after 3 days. People were forced to live in hunger and helpless… lying there and watching there loved ones die or wandering helplessly to search someone lost.
And what about the families that have been entirely swept away? There is no record of such people… there is no one left to even bother about them. And this is just the "human" count. There would be a number of cattle, poultry and other animals like cats and dogs which lost their lives. Maybe even foxes and hyenas, which are rather common in those places.

Now, thanks to our wonderful Government, the bodies of the dead are still lying there, rotting. Only the bodies which remained in the temple premises have been thrown outside it. Rest, they are all decorated there, probably as a reminder to what has become of humans?
I ask, all these people, each and every one of them… were they all this bad and this corrupt to have such a fate? They went to pilgrimage and now as they are dead, don’t they even deserve a decent CREMATION? Hello GOVERNMENT?? Are you even bothered?

Sorry, I got a little overboard, but that was just an example. There are several such incidents that take place over and over again, in different parts of the world. People, when I ask them the same, tell me that we are near to the 'Apocalypse'… Really?

What is Apocalypse? The End? Some say that’s an entry to the beginning… Others say that there is a lot of evil penetrating on the planet and the Apocalypse is the solution to eradicate it.
Well then, how did this evil come into being?

Again, quoting Supernatural, God created me! If I do a sin, God is the one who made me like the way I am and so he certainly must have foreseen me doing such a thing. Then why didn’t he kill me there and then? Why let someone be a sinner? Or maybe, he could have improved me.
Definitely God's one of the most divine creations is humans, and we are blessed that he has given us so much to be thankful about but then we arent perfect. And if he watches over us, doesn’t he get hurt when his children hurt each other.

I can definitely guarantee that there is no person on Earth who hasn’t hurt another person ever. And hurt? Remember the 16 December Delhi Rape Case? It was beyond insanity. Even animals mustn't be that crude.

Why does God sit silent to see this? Now well, you will say that the flood could be a way of his to punish… but again back to what I said… was each and every victim of these floods guilty enough, corrupt enough to get that fate? And yet we still have the Rapists and other even worse people locked up in our Jails for years and will be there for years to come, all in peace and leisure. There are sinners who have done worse, in larger scales, yet they plead innocence and are often even given freedom while people like Sarabjeet Singh, die horrible deaths!

Dear God,
If you are listening, as I believed that you do listen… Why or rather how can you see all this and stay silent? Either you want to end this world, and that too ruining it to the last bit or you are a sadist or worst of all, you arent there anymore. Maybe you have taken a long vacation or you are dead!
If you are on a vacation, people need you. Your children and you should really be back…
And if you intend to burn this Earth in your wrath for whatever be your reasons, I just don’t understand you. If I even write few lines on a piece of paper, I think twice about it before letting a crease come on that paper for it took my effort and most of all heart to do that thing.
Please God, don’t do this!
And no matter what Supernatural got to say, I wont believe that you are dead or even that you can die. You are just angry for some reason and I wish you would stop being angry and make us see right. That's always an option… ;)

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