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The Lucky One - Book Review

'The Lucky One' by Nicholas Spark
Honestly, when I read it, I felt that this would be one of the books written by Nicholas Spark, when he was just starting with novels, but NO! It is indeed his last book before the Last Song. And Last Song is one book I totally love!!

Anyways, what really makes me write this review is the idea behind the book! Ofcourse like all other
The cover I have and read ;)
Nicholas Spark books, this one is again a love story.


So, we have a guy named Logan and he was serving in the Marines. One day he finds the photo of a girl and it becomes his lucky charm. During his 5 years of war, he see his friends all die one after the other but he survives. There is one friend of his - Victor, who too survives, but dies soon later. Well, Victor believed that this picture was Logan's lucky charm and so Logan should atleast go visit the girl and say thanks.

Logan had already been curious enough to who this girl was or how she might have been today. Anyways, he goes to search her and eventually finds that the backdrop of the picture is from Hampton. Taking his chances, he decided to walk there on foot.

This girl, Elizabeth or now Beth, is a single mother, living with her grandmother (Nana) and son Ben. Her ex is the local sheriff and like from the most influential family around. This is the source of problem in Beth's life… until Logan one day walks up her drive.

He doesnt have the guts to tell her why he really is there, instead he takes up the job at Nana's dog training school. He does all the cleaning and then feeding the
dogs, taking them to walk, and everything without a single complaint and at the minimum of the wages. He is just content to have found Beth and likes to be around her.

Initially Beth suspects him for lying or not being genuine when she knows that he walked the whole distance and he doesn’t tell her the reason. Eventually, Ben and Logan bond over really nicely.

Zac Efron as Logan in the movie
Ben's father was totally disappointed in his son. He wanted his life perfect, with a lot of fun and having to boss around whenever he likes. He wanted his son to be the spotlight too, but Ben liked it quite.

In this situation, Logan was the only friend to Ben, who being an adult, didn’t treat Ben as not being competent enough. Also, Ben quickly became friends with Logan's dog Zeus.

The story moves on for Beth falls in love with Logan and all is going great but Logan had met Ben's father earlier and was in some little fight with him. Keith, Ben's father, being the snobby person, as he was, hated Logan as it is and would never tolerate him near his ex wife, whom he still fancies.

Logan finds the 'lucky charm'
Logan discovers that Keith was behind all failed relationships of Beth over the ages and he himself confronts Keith and asks him to stay away. The any Keith finds a way to revenge Logan and tells Beth about the photograph.

Beth had originally given the picture to her brother Drake and it had meant to keep him safe. He had lost the picture and asked her to send another one. She had just delayed in sending one, and before she could, the news came that he was dead. Logan having the photo came of a shock to Beth. As it is, she didn’t like the idea of people surviving when her brother had died and now she feels that Logan was responsible.

What difference Logan makes to Beth's life
After being put to senses by Nana, Beth and Logan make up. Keith cant really tolerate it and he threatens Beth. Ben hears this all and he runs away from the house not wanting to be around Keith. There was a storm and Ben gets stuck in the Creek. Both Logan and Keith jump to save Ben but at last Zeus is the one to do so.

Keith dies in the process.

Ben with Logan

Later, Logan and Beth are shown together. Beth calls Keith a hero for despite everything, he died saving his son and that's how she wanted Ben to remember him.


It was a good book, really. I am not faking about this. I mean after like 60 - 70 pages, I really couldn’t wait to just complete it. But what I felt wrong was the narration.
Nicholas Spark, I feel, has a charm to charm people with words. This book, however, lacked it.
Its words were lacking the magic, even though the story was really good.

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The character of Logan - trust me, he's a damn sweetheart. Probably the Marines did it to him or whatever else be the reason, he is a wonderful listener and appreciates silence more than a majority of people.
Beth, who is stuck up in her life, tired of tying loose ends, she appreciates how Logan is happy just to sit beside her or walk in silence. He doesn’t have demands for outings or control over her life.
On the other hand, Beth is shown to be a silenced soul. With whatever of her is described, I can imagine
her to be an activist out when she was young but over the years and especially when she lost her parents, she became quiet, never trusting anyone but Nana and Drake, enough to confide in them.
Ben, well if there is one line that I can use for him - I really don’t buy Ben's character. Fine I get it he chooses Violin over Soccer, still!
Keith, hahaha!! In the first chapter of the book, when he is revealed for the first time, I honestly thought him to be a fat, slightly balding sheriff with like bushy mustache. Even though he doesn’t turn out quite the way I thought in the physical description, he is the same in terms of his behavior.

Later then I discovered that it has already been made to a movie and now I am eagerly waiting for the movie.
You are going to see the movie review soon!! ;)

In the meanwhile, if you are a Nicholas Spark fan, I think you might be disappointed. But if you are looking for a good love-story, not one you would relate to, but a good one - go definitely read it!

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