Friday, July 19, 2013

Sometimes, words just cannot describe it all

Just while googling my own blog, I stumbled upon this another blog which mentioned my blog and also
my name. The author (a 'he') seems to have read one of my posts long back and was motivated by it or atleast the post got him thinking enough for him to write it in his blog.

First of all Prabhav - thanks a ton! I am really honored.

And well, here is something what I shared with him, that I would love to share on my blog as well.
Recently, I discovered alot of ad sites that post ads on your blog and depending on various factors, they pay you. Now well, who doesnt want to make some free money? So do I... Next thing I know I am trying all the possible options on my blog and this is the primary reason that you see me blogging so much off recently.
To be honest, I really like writing and I find it really sacred. Therefore, no matter whatever the situation might be, I will never and I mean NEVER ever blog something that I dont believe or just put up things that will fetch more clicks but wont be of any value. Instead, to blog more, I have been blogging on topics that I wouldnt have blogged about earlier. I am trying reviews and tips and other things that are often searched - things that I search. So its like half-hearted content. But trust me, anything that I write, I dont fake. If I have written a tip, I have tried it. You can have that word from me.

But you know reading Prabhav's post, I felt that his few words were more than what millions of dollars
would fetch me. After all, a writer's true asset is that if even for a moment, I make a difference.

Before I proceed, let me take this opportunity - Prabhav thank you so much for bringing me back to Earth. I needed that.
Next, what you said - I am no trained writer that you kind of imaged. I just write. But as I said that I find it very sacred, so I do it all from the heart.

Someone quoted to me today itself - Its important to do the right thing. Only thats how you break the chain and eventually the bigger picture will fit itself to being right ;)

And now, I solemnly swear I am upto no good :) and promise that from now onwards if I post anything on this blog - I will give the content the full thought that I used to. It might be to promote my blog or to add the number of visitors, but there will be sufficient posts that describe all my thoughts and whatever I feel.

Ps : It indeed is my miracle of the day!!

Happy Blogging!!

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