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Bholi bhaali manmarziyan.. Ishq wali manmarziyan.. : Music Review, Lootera

If you havent read the Movie Review of Lootera, again by me ;), check it here - Lootera - Movie Review

Edit Update : I saw the basic confusion - what is MANMARZIYAAN - well they mean the desires of your heart, which are a little out of the normal way. Like, if I eat loads of ice-cream in the dead of winter - meri manmarzi :P my wish ;)

Lootera, as I have stated in the other review, it would have been alot better had it been released as a musical instead of a movie. For when we call it a movie, the expectations of audiences is very different from what it would have had been if it were a musical.
Problem probably lies in the fact, that in a country like India, where the drama and action movie sell, a musical, especially one like Lootera, might not sell at all...

However, this is the review that I intend to write keeping in mind the movie, with respect to its songs!!

First and foremost, why do I call it a musical?? - There is a simple reason to it. No offense, I myself love the song, but songs like Badtameez Dil, are more in the industry today than meaningful lyrical songs. Somewhere the music of Indian Cinema has excelled in terms of the music, the instruments, the quality, but the vocals, well, they have definitely deteriorated. No, its not that we dont have good singers. There are plenty of good, rather brilliant singers but the lyrics has lost its meaning.
Think about it like this - the song 'Tum hi ho' from 'Aashiqui 2' ... yes, the voice is mesmerizing, the music fills up the heart with all sorts of emotions... but what about the lyrics. Does it really tell about the feelings of the protagonists?? Think again.. If the same song, same tune, same singer.. and instead the singer just kept humming along the tune, the meaning or the popularity of the songs wouldnt have reduced much.

I dont mean to offend anyone, but honestly, with such music today - the songs of Lootera are a good relief.

Mostly, set in the golden era (as it is called), the songs have a little touch of the styles of legendary singers - Kishore da and Lata Mangeshkar, and the music of the era that they had set.
There is something soothing that occurs when you listen to the songs. The words, not only they are in accordance to each and every character of the movie (mainly the hero-heroine) but they can be easily related to by anyone of their age.

Let me take you to a journey down the musical journey of Lootera...
The story starts and takes us to the post-independence era of Bangal. If you still can't feel the nostalgic essence of that place, try listening to Sawar Loon.
Our lovely young Paakhi, meets Varun and he charms her right away. As any girl of her age would, she feels the need for his attention and so she dresses up well, makes excuses to pass by him, 

Hawa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye
Gulon ki shokhiyaan jo bhanwre aake loot gaye
Badal rahi hai aaj zindagi ki chaal zara
Issi bahaane kyun naa main bhi dil ka haal zara
Sanwaar loon haaye sawaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon (x2)
Sawaar Loon

Suddenly, everything around her has changed and looks beautiful than it ever did. She has no idea why is this happening, but there is something about everything that makes her happy. Everything makes her remember Varun. And with Varun staying in her house, her house looked brighter than ever, like her life, that now imagines Varun as a big part of it.

Baramade puraane hain, nayi si dhoop hai
Jo palke khatkhata raha hai kiska roop hai
Shararatein kare jo aise bhoolke hijab
Kaise usko naam se, main pukar loon
Sawaar loon, sawaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon

Further, it's been epic in the Indian Movies since the 'Salman Khan' hit - Maine Pyaar Kia, love is best expressed as letters and communicated with the help of birds. 'Dove' - the angel of peace and similarly in India, 'Bird' - playing the cupid :P...
There is a will to tell Varun that she likes hum and at the same time, she wishes that he would just understand. Just like the birds, they would sing it out loud, to the entire world, however, there is only one in this entire world who would understand it... and maybe, what the birds are singing, Varun has written this message for her and sent it through the birds, which she now is listening to...

Yeh saari koyalein bani hain aaj daakiyan
Kuhu-kuhu me chitthiyan padhe mazakiyaan
Inhe kaho ki naa chhupaaye
Kisne hai likha bataaye,
Uski aaj main nazar utaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon
Sawaar loon, sawaar loon!

Next, we see... Paakhi, being the bolder of the two and love-struck, adapts everything she can while watching Varun whenever he is home. One day she sees him with a canvas, and inspite of knowing how to paint, she insists on learning from him. He agrees and later it is proved that he cant paint. However, it was his dearest wish to learn to paint and so he learns and she teaches...

As Paakhi and Varun grow closer while Paakhi teaches Varun how to paint and then they start sharing their conversations, feelings, thoughts, etc... we enter the beautiful and calm face of Bangal....... There is the small bays, a lone wooden boat riding on the still water, long drives towards the sunsets, strolling on the endless fields covered with trees on either side of the path, long sunsets, endless conversations and what not! The most beautiful of it all - the silence that has spoken out the condition of both the hearts!

Kaagaz ke do pankh leke uda chala jaaye re
Jahan nahi jaana tha ye wahin chala haye re
Umar ka yeh taana-baana samajh na paaye re
Zubaan pe jo moh-maaya, namak lagaye re
Ke dekhe na, bhaale na, jaane na daaye re
Disha haara kemon boka monta re! (x2)

Disha haara kemon boka monta re Meaning:
How foolish this directionless heart is.

Disha Haara Kemon Boka Monta Re

Before we know next, they both are in love, they both know, they both know that the other person is in love too, its just they are yet to give a name to the feeling. The emotion is there, they can both feel their hearts beating a little faster in presence of the other, but still, it remains unsaid. All confessed, yet unsaid.

Fateh kare qile saare, bhed jaaye deewarein
Prem koi sendh laage.. (sendh lage re lage)
Agar magar bari bari jiya ko yun uchhale
Jiya nahin gend laage.. (gend lage re lage)

Maati ko ye chandan sa maathe pe sajaye re
Zubaan pe jo moh maaya namak lagaye re
Ke dekhe na bhale na jaane na daaye
Disha haara kemon boka monta re

disha-haara: directionless, kemon: how, boka: foolish, monta: heart

 Varun falls equally in love with her. He has seen her in her best trying to catch his attention, he has seen the artist inside of her, he has seen her paint with all passion, he heard her laugh, he heard her inner most wishes, he saw her sick... and most of all, he saw how beautiful as a person she was!! There was simply no going back from where he had come along in life with her.

He, however, is threatened with the thought of what he might do to her when he leaves her after looting from the temple; but then when she confronts him, he confesses his love and decides to marry her.

However, the story takes a sharp turn, when Varun gets influenced by his friend and partner and leaves Paakhi... alone and devastated.


Shiqaayatein mitaane lagi
(Subah bedaag hai, subah bedaag hai)
Jo barf ko galane lagi
(Kahin to aag hai, kahin to aag hai)

Naa udne ki iss dafaa thaani
Parindo ne bhi wafaa jaani
Andhere ko baahon mein leke
Ujaale ne ghar basaaya hai
Churaya tha jo chukaya hai
Shikayatein mitaane lagi
(Subah bedag hai, subah bedag hai)
Jo barf ko galane lagi

Ek jeet tu hai, Ek haar main hoon
Haar jeet jode
Jo taar main hoon
Ek jeet tu hai, ek haar main hoon.. hoo..

Bataayein bin galtiyaan ginaayein
Sitare jab bhi sadaa.. sulaayein
Luteroon ko baghban banaayein
Naseebon ki baat hai
(Nasibon ki baat hai...)

Zameer ki kahaani hai yeh
(Yehi bairaag hai, yehi bairaag hai..)
Shikayatein mitaane lagi

Naa udne ki iss dafaa thaani
Parindo ne bhi wafaa jaani
Andhere ko baahon mein leke
Ujaale ne ghar basaaya hai
Churaya tha jo chukaaya hai
Shiqayatein mitaane lagi

Subah bedaag hai
Subah bedaag hai!

We see a alone, sick and tired Paakhi, who has lost from life. She is alone... her father died and she couldnt find any reason to go on either. She is slowly waiting for an end she feels she is destined to.
She shifts to her other house, trying to find some peace in herself. She tries to write her story. She remembers all the moments she lived with Varun, desperately wanting to free herself from the memories that once made her life worth living but now tormented her beyond measure. It was like life had torn her into two parts - one that would always love Varun and the other that wanted Varun out of her life, as fast as possible.
In a way, Paakhi had given away any desire. She wanted nothing, totally nothing. Rather, she wanted to give away....

But then, just as she discovered that she was ill with TB.. and decides to die, Varun is thrown on her doorstep, by destiny. Not only Varun comes to her house and they live under one roof, but he starts taking care of her. This is something that she wanted last. Where, she wanted to die, Varun constantly was giving her life.
Eventually, her heart took over her mind and the part of her that would love Varun again, started dreaming again. Despite all the pain and troubles that she had been through, she was dreaming again... dreaming of a life with Varun..

Yun to solah saavan aaye gaye
Gaur nahi kiya humne
Bheega man ka aangan is martaba
Kya jaane kya kiya tumne

Dil mein jaagi..
Ishq waali manmarziyan, manmarziyan
Zid ki maari (yun to solah)
Bholi bhaali (saavan)
Mannmarziyan (aaye gaye)

Abb talak se
Kuchh alag si manmarziyan.. Manmarziyaan..
Hum zameen pe (bheega man ka)
Toh falak se (aangan)
Manmarziyan (iss martaba)
Man marziyaan...

Sikkon jaise
Hai uchhaali
Manmarziyan, manmarziyaan
Zidd ki maare (yun to solah)
Bholi bhaali (saavan)
Manmarziyaan, manmarziyaan (aaye gaye)

Be-adab si
Par gazab si
Manmarziyan, manmarziyan

Hosh khoya
Par sambhali manmarziyan (yun to solah)
Manmarziyaan (saavn)
Zidd ki maari (aaye gaye)
Bhooli bhaali manmarziyan, manmarziyan


Just a few days back, when she got the news that she had TB, Paakhi had joined her life with a tree that she looked at from her window; It's leaves all withering away, one by one, in the cold and stormy weather. She had decided that as and when the last leaf of the tree will fall, so shall she take her last breath. But again, with Varun around her, somewhere her heart skipped a beat... again.. She started dreaming again... She had desires again...
It was like waking up from numbness after a real long time and she couldnt help it.
She wasnt in any fight with herself, she was just not expecting what was happening to her. Somewhere, somehow, her heart did whatever it wanted and she went along with it....

Eventually, Varun got to know what she thought. He was disheartened that she had lost all the will in herself... especially the will to live.. the will to dream... His act, had not only broken her heart but it had made her scared.. scared to be with anyone, that in case, again she be left alone. He decided to do something.. Rather do everything he could. She was definitely the girl he loved, the only one he ever loved.
It was very clear to him that there was no life for them together, so he decided to stay and create his masterpiece - her happiness!

Mujhe chhod do mere haal pe
Mujhe chhod do mere haal pe
Zinda hoon yaar, kaafi hai!
Zinda hoon yaar, kaafi hai! (x2)

Kaafi hai..
Kaafi hai...

Hawaaon se jo maanga hissa mera
To badle main hawa ne saans di
Akelepan se chhedi jab guftagu
Mere dil ne aawaaz di
Mere haathon, hua jo qissa shuru
Usey poora toh karna hai mujhe
Qabr par mere sar utha ke khadi ho zindagi
Aise marna hai mujhe!

Kuch maangna baaqi nahi
Kuch maangna baaqi nahi
Jitna mila kaafi hai
Zinda hoon yaar, kaafi hai!

Mujhe chhod do mere haal pe
Mujhe chhod do mere haal pe
Zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai
Zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai

Mujhe chhod do.. o o..
Mujhe chhod do.. o o..
Mere haal pe...

Varun hadnt lost hope. He had just gained it. Every day, as it passed, he was closer to the truth that he would meet his end very soon... but there was no seeing back. This was the only time when he was doing something for himself. One time, that he wanted to do what his heart said and not only to meet his monetary gains. Paakhi was a hard case, though. He kept tryng and trying.. And then, there came a day when finally she did something as a weakness.. She saved him from Police...

That day, he realized that he was very close to his destination...

That night, Varun confesses to Paakhi that he loved her and loved her very truely. And just for a matter of hours, together, they lived equivalent to eternity.

Kya kabhi savera.. ha ha
Laata hai andhera.. ha ha
Sookhi siyahi
Deti hai gawaahi
Sadiyon puraani
Aisi ik kahaani
Reh gayi, reh gayi

Kya kabhi, bahaar bhi, peshgi laati hai
Aane wale patjhar ki..
O.. baarishein naaraazagi bhi jataa jaati hain
Kabhi kabhi ambar ki..

Patte jo shaakhon se toote
Bewajah toh nahin roothe, hain sabhi..

Khwabon ka jharokha.. ha ha
Sach tha ya dhokha.. ha ha
Maatha sehla ke
Nindiya churaai
Sadiyon puraani
Aisi ik kahaani
Reh gayi, reh gayi
O Ankahee..

Do I really need to explain the last bit?
Very honestly.. as the last verse of the last song played, I had tears in my eyes and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldnt hold them off.


master9277 said...

Beautifully expressed ! Just loved the way you captured the essence !

Luna Lovegood said...

Aww... thank you so much :) I am glad you found it good... :D

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