Thursday, July 18, 2013

Three major differences between the Ladies coach and the General Coach in Delhi Metro.

I spent good one and a half months going to and back from my training office. And in these one and a half months, I have taken the Delhi Metro for the exception of 2 times. Rest each and every day, twice a day, I have the privilege to  travel in the Delhi Metro.

No, I am not being sarcastic here. Delhi Metro is definitely a backbone for Delhi. I see hundreds of people making their way across the city. Had it been not for the metro, people wouldn’t even take jobs which like requires hours to drive to. Definitely, if we were to ever count the blessings on Delhi, the Metro would be in the tops, and the UPA Government might never even make it to the list. Well, lets just keep that for another post; either ways with blogging stuck up in my head, I am already out of topics.

Continuing to the Delhi Metro, let me first be brief about what the topic actually is.

To all those who have travelled in the Delhi Metro, they know that "The first compartment of Every Train is reserved for ladies only". I initially travelled in the ladies compartment both the times, but thanks to a new friend, I am now travelling in the general compartment in the way back. And there are some prominent differences that I noticed, which I am going to share!

  1. No matter if every seat is full, atleast 2 ladies will adjust (in every more than 2 seater seats). And in the general compartment, even if there is a little space and it is like VISIBLE clearly, people don’t ask you AT ALL to move here or there to make space. I mean, general is definitely much more crowded than the Ladies compartment, and the same ladies travel in it. Yet, no one seems to mind standing if in the general compartment. And honestly, I have no reason (rational or irrational) about it.

  1. As soon as someone gets up from their seat in the Ladies compartment, even before they have moved a step forward, there is already someone on the seat. The golden rule of the Ladies Compartment - "If someone moves, they are getting up, go GRAB that seat" :P .. Something it is so funny. And there is a little less exception to this rule in the general compartment. I was travelling one day in the general and it was so damn crowded, so I decided that we will go in the next one but what the hell, lets just stand with the crowd. Initially people pushed passed me to enter the compartment and then I thought I might want to move along so as to not being crushed by a stamped, just then a lady pushes me with all her strength in the opposite direction to grab a seat. I mean what the hell lady?? You could be a little better with people half your age!! And I think because aunties behave like this, the young crowd is a little too reluctant to give seats to even the needy.

Whereas one day when I was travelling in the general compartment, a few seats vacated and there
were enough candidates to claim all of those, still no one moved an inch till the gates were completely closed. And even then, men were gentleman enough to offer the seats to any lady standing than running to the seats themselves.

You know I have been mostly proud being a girl but at situations like these, I think are these really women - the softer of the two??

Anyways, finally and definitely the best -

  1. Whenever a small kid (less than 2 years) enters in the Ladies compartment, all the standing people surround the baby and start talking to him/her. They keep talking and trying to get his/her attention till the mother and the baby have not boarded off the train. So you hear a lot of 'awwz' and all the cute expressions. And yesterday a man was holding his little boy in the metro general compartment and then the baby started making noises seeing from the window. The two men besides that man with the baby made such faces as though the man was suffering from some very bad disease. I mean common guys!! The baby will make weird noises and that's totally cute!!


I will surely continue my analysis on the two different Metro compartments and be back with more; but I think it will take some while longer for my training ends tomorrow and so does my daily metro journey!!

Ps - If you got some more, do share with me and everyone else ;)

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