Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Men's guide to WOO her!!

Okay, with two of my good friends MARRIED!! And many of them committed and in a relationship, I guess I have seen quite a variety of couple, that I can write this article doing some justice to it.
You know, I kinda think I am one of those girls, like Geet in Jab We Met, to whom people share their problems. Most of the times, these arent problems.

It is very easy to make 'Blonde' jokes or joke about girl's I.Q.s, but it is extremely difficult to understand a girl. Atleast that is what more than half of the world (the man population) says :P

Trust me guys, it isnt as difficult as you think. A girl thinks a lot - I mean A LOT when I say it; however, she doesn’t desire much.

Gifts, now you will say are so expensive and a girl just wants more and more of them. But common guys, is there another way that you think to show your love and care? Actually, there is! But how many of you know what they are?
Try one of these (if you can try more than 1 and see the magic work) and you bet the number of gifts you need to buy will reduce -

  1. No matter how bad your handwriting is or how your lion may look like a mouse when you draw, just take a sheet of paper, draw the two of you together and write 'Together Forever'. If you don’t want, don’t color it, let it be pencil - sketched or just in blue - ink. But gift her before you say her goodbye for the day (or just give her right before she sleeps, in case you are married)… and see how she blooms.
  2. 'Good Morning' works good.. Try saying 'I Love You' or calling her with love names such as 'Shona', 'Jaanu', 'Beautiful', etc, first thing you see her in the morning.
  1. If you can, buy her gifts that she can carry around - like small stuff toys, rings or bracelets, handkerchief, etc and not big things.
  2. NEVER! Trust me NEVER ever buy a card for your girl. You might want to draw it. It doesn’t really matter if it is the funniest card you have ever seen, it will be a treasure for her.
  1. Every time you talk to her on the phone, ask her to smile, for she looks beautiful doing so!
  1. Hold her hand at random moments. Don’t hold it always and never hold it too tight. But sometimes when you are passing in a crowd or just strolling, just hold her hand to let her know you are there.
  1. If she is angry or upset, try listening to her. A girl doesn’t share with everybody. It is only a few privileged people who hold the key to her tears. Only those people can share her tears and only those can make her cry. Be the first kind.
  1. Make her a part of your life. I mean, fine, she may not even understand a small part of what you do in your office or at your studies, but if you just try to tell her, she would love to listen.
  2. Very IMPORTANT!! If she did something for you, try to see the feelings behind it. Don’t complain. And well, do the same. If you did something and she took it the wrong way, again be patient and let her calm down. Then you can talk some sense into her. Shouting will never cease.
  3. Best of all - dedicate a day to her. If there is one day that you want to make special and memorable for her, let her choose what to do. Or plan it out with things she loves. Take her to her favorite restaurant, or visit her favorite shop. Let her make the choices for the day, even the small ones!!

Let's jus say, I know guys can get real serious if they are really in the relationship and of course you love her damn A LOT! But common what is shown is what sells! Even when there is love, you need to express it. Of course gifts and dinners are one way of expressing it, but they aren't the only ways. And there is a limit to the gifts. You get married and you just buy gifts for others or maybe on real special occasions. But if you keep these gestures, you will definitely see her smile more often!

Some not-so-expensive gifts that you can give her -

Elegant Mangalsutra Pendant

 Faux Pearl Studded Bangles

Entire Set - 1

Necklace and Earrings - 1

 Entire Set - 2

Kada Bangles

Necklace and Earring - 2


Necklace and Earrings - 3

Necklace and Earrings - 4

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