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Take 'Natural' Care of your nails

I am a Nail-Freak! I got shades that most people don’t even wish to see or get irritated seeing them.. But me, well, I just love colorful nails and I paint them, mostly to flaunt them.

No matter how long or short they are, nails can really be beautiful.
Take Care of your Hair - I - Hair Solutions!!

Shh… The secret is, that when people look at my nails, I feel good :) . I kinda like people when their attention gets drawn to them. And that is why I just adore long nails. But its not at all easy to have them growing. Especially my nails - I am surrounded with people who don’t want to do anything with their nails - not paint them, not tend to them but still they all got thicker nails. And me, well I got this weak nails which bend all the time, causing pain, and even more anger. Aahrgh!

So well, honestly speaking, do whatever, you will have to live with the kind of nails God gave you - thick or thin. But you can definitely make them attractive, and that too with just a little care.

Now, because I am so obsessed with my nails, I searched high and low for all kind of nail care and to be frank, I don’t waste money on any cosmetics. No matter how good they are, I never have had good experience with any of them. And when you can get good results for almost free, why do you spend so much?

Back to the point, I have spent a lot of time googling for the secrets of good nails. And today, as I was painting my nails, I just wondered, why not share it with everyone and help all nails get pretty! :)

leave some boundary between your skin and nail paint

First and foremost, you need to remember that if you want good nails, you really need to take care of them. Be sure that you have five minutes here and there everyday to tend to them. Once a day maybe ten minutes. But that is all. If you don’t have them, you might want to skip this for a while.

Now, one most frequently asked question - if you start caring today, still will you have good nails?

The answer is - Yes, its never too late. However, again, if you havent taken any care AT ALL… you might want to start afresh, which means give it like 2 - 3 months, and you will have beautiful nails.

Before reading ahead, you would better ask yourself that do you have like a few minutes (5 - 10) for your nails everyday for the next 2 - 3 months? For if you do, great. Else, trust me its gonna be hard and you better leave it to it.

Very Important - If you have long nails and you want them to be good, stop trying and its better that you cut the nails and regrow them to the length.

In a good nail, you see the visible boundary between skin and extra nail growth.
See longer nails are like long hair. The longer they get, the further they are from nutrition and so it is hard to give them nutrition or take care of them. Whereas, if your nails are short and you take good care of them, you grow strong and healthy nails. So after they have grown, you just need to make sure they remain damage free and not worry about their quality for they are already good!!

You think I might be faking it, but I am not! I myself am very clumsy, and at times I don’t use nailpaint remover, but just scratch the nailpaint off them, which leaves them all scarred. And also with such week nails, they bend a lot, again leaving scars. So every like six months or so, I cut my nails, to grow a fresh new pair of good nails.

And its never easy to part with the nails that you have grown and taken care of so fondly, but still you need to do it!

Important! Always consult your doctor before trying these or any home remedies. "Natural" does not mean it is safe for everybody. That's just to make sure that you don’t have any allergies or reactions.

If we want to have beautiful nails it is necessary to devote a few minutes of our daily routine to
them (or at least once a week). The most common problems people have with fingernails are:

  1. Excess nail polish: Fingernails need to “breathe” and this is not possible if they are constantly covered with enamel. Besides, nail polish dries nails and the remover damages the root. Make sure whenever you apply Nail Polish, you DONOT use it on the skin beside the nail. Just on the nail. You might leave a little margin if you arent perfect for the job
  2. Using the nails as tools: As with teeth, nails should not be used as tools. Fingernails are to protect the fingers and not to clean cracks or open containers.
  3. Detergents may also affect nails: Wear gloves when washing dishes, the car, cleaning the house, etc…
  4. Nail biting: Shy or anxious people have a tendency to bite nails.

To whiten nails: Apply white vinegar to each nail with a cotton ball rubbing gently. Another option is to soak them in hot water with hydrogen peroxide once a week.

To harden the nail: Add crushed garlic to the enamel. Another option is to crush the garlic and put the paste on the nails for a few minutes a day.

To dry enamel instantly: Put baby oil in an old nail polish bottle (wash the bottle with enamel remover first so that it is clean). After polishing nails give a final coat with baby oil.

Nail Hardener: To a bottle of clear nail polish add 8 drops of lemon, 5 drops of iodine, and a crushed garlic. Mix well and let macerate for a day. Apply a layer daily for 15 days in a row. Then, remove nail enamel and you will have long, strong fingernails.

No matter what shape your nail it, always use filer to make sure there is no dead skin.
Nails grow at different rates, but there are some general rules of thumb — no pun intended — that apply to everyone. The longer the finger, the faster the fingernail will grow. Nails grow faster in warm climates, so that means your fingernails will grow faster in the summer. Nails also grow faster when your body is fighting the flu. On a diet? Your nails will grow slower. Your pinkie nail grows the slowest, your thumbnail the next slowest. And sorry, ladies: Men’s fingernails grow faster than yours, and the speed of your fingernail growth probably peaked by the time you were 14. But on average, fingernails grow about 1½ inches per year. That said, there are things you can do to make your fingernails grow faster. Here’s how:

Check your nutritional habits. Extreme dieting, especially diets low in protein, can cause fingernails to weaken and break, which impedes their growth. Make sure you consume a sensible number of calories every day, and modify your diet to include protein-rich foods like lean meats, chicken, eggs, low-fat cheese, and soybeans. Not sure your everyday food intake is optimal for growing fingernails faster? Drink a protein shake and take a multivitamin daily.
  •     Got milk? Drink some every day. The vitamin D in milk will strengthen your nails and promote growth.
  •     Vitamin A has been shown to help fingernails grow faster. Up your intake by eating carrots, mangoes, and apricots.
  •     Drink your vitamin C in orange juice. This helps the production of collagen, which
    Filing leaves a little sensation to your nail, improving blood flow
    helps skin stay firm and allows for healthy, fast nail growth.
  •     Get the blood flowing to your nails to stimulate growth. It’s no secret that pianists have long fingernails that require constant trimming. Why? Because blood is constantly flowing to their fingernails, stimulating growth. Other fingernail growing activities are typing, sewing, gymnastics, cooking, gardening, and any other tasks that require you to use your hands a lot.
  •     Stay warm. Nails grow faster in hot climates. If it’s cold outside, be sure to wear gloves and keep your hands warm at all times to increase blood flow to your fingernails and stimulate growth.
  •     Use a nutrient-filled nail polish to make fingernails grow faster. Apply a layer each night to make fingernails grow even faster.
  •     Get manicures regularly. You can do them yourself or have them done by a professional. Good hand and nail hygiene and maintenance improves the health of your nails and will keep them growing strong.
  • Use good and little nail polish
  •     Here’s an odd one: Rub garlic on your fingernails to help them grow faster. Leave on fingernails for a half hour and then rinse. Rub a lemon on your fingers to remove the garlic smell.

A proper diet and some special attention to your hands can make your fingernails grow faster.

But it is also important to keep a little paint on your nails. It helps overcome biting problem and also protects the nails from any scratches.

Strengthen Your Nails Naturally

Try this tip to strengthen dry, brittle, peeling nails.

If you're prone to dry, brittle, peeling nails try this trick to strengthen your nails.

  • Soak your nails in a bowl of warm milk for 5 minutes. After soaking, pat dry and apply a coat of nail strengthener. OPI Nail Strengthener is a great brand that will get the job done.

Speed Up Your Nail Growth

Get fast growing nails naturally.
well oiled and moist nails

  • If you desire longer nails but tend to have a slow growth, try adding Omega-3 fish oil supplements to your diet. This supplement will help speed up your nail growth and can be found in most grocery and drug stores.

Lengthen The Life Of Your Polish

Follow this tip to make your nail polish last longer.

If you find yourself reapplying your nail color more often than enjoying it head to your kitchen for this polish extending tip.

  • Before you paint your nails, apply a coat of vinegar and let dry. The vinegar will allow the polish to better adhere to your nails resulting in longer-lasting color.

Homemade Natural Cuticle Cream

Soften your cuticles at home with your very own cuticle cream.

It's easy to soften your dry cuticles at home with some all-natural, homemade cuticle cream.

  • Mix a few drops of neem oil (the scent is very strong) with a small amount of shea butter and massage it into your cuticles for your own vitamin-rich moisturizing treatment. You can find both at your local health food store and online.

dont experiment alot!!
Remove Nail Stains Naturally

Remove stains from your nails naturally with items in your kitchen.

Unsightly stains on your nails? You can find a natural stain remover right in your kitchen!

  • Just moisten a sponge with some white wine vinegar and wipe across your nails to leave your nails shiny and stain-free.

Natural Nail Cleaner

Rid your nails of tough built up dirt after a day of hard work by following this natural home remedy.

If you have been hard at work gardening or doing heavy cleaning, you might think you need to reach for some heavy duty hand cleaner. But an all-natural alternative is right in your kitchen!

  • Place some thick lemon slices into a bowl and fill with warm water. Soaking your hands in this lemon bath will not only feel and smell good but will get the dirt off your skin. While your hands are soaking, press your nails into the lemon slices to loosen the dirt out from under them.

Basically, nails are made up of a translucent protein substance called keratin that protects nails against cracking, splitting, breaking etc.

When new nail cells form, they form a form a flat, protective covering over the nail bed (nail bed is present underneath the skin).

These new cells lengthen the nails by pushing out layers of old nail cells and each layer moves forwards alongside. The nail bed facilitates this process passively.

Spend a little time everyday to keep them beautiful.

Natural nail growth can be affected by a number of reasons. But, you can adopt various tips and natural home remedies for Nail Growth to get rid of these problems and improve nail growth naturally.

For instance, it is often recommended to trim the nails straight across and round them slightly at tips to avoid ingrown toenails and hence maintain strong, healthy nails.

Causes and Symptoms of Nail Growth Problems

Nail growth problems can be caused by problems in any of the six parts of nail structure including nail root, nail bed, plate, eponychium (cuticle), perionychium, and hyponychium. Apart from this, nail fungus is one of the most common causes of nail problems. Nail trauma, nail matrix injury, habit of nail biting etc can also affects growth of nails adversely.

Besides, vitamin deficiencies make nails dull and brittle. Natural Nail Growth is influenced by age, season, gender, diet, hormonal imbalance, hereditary factors and conditions like Nail Psoriasis. Interestingly, nails on dominant hand grow at a comparatively faster rate.

Nail problems are often indicated by dry and brittle nails. Diseases like Psoriasis and thyroid disorder can cause the nails to separate from nail bed. Nail clubbing is considered as a sign of lung disease, liver disease, heart disease etc. Vertical ridges, white bands on nails, bluish color, nail splitting indicate nutritional deficiencies like that of iron and protein.

Natural Home Remedies for Nail Growth

• Soaking the nails in a mixture of three tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice is one of the best natural home remedies for Nail Growth. Follow this home treatment for about 10 minutes to strengthen nails. Preferably, heat the mixture in microwave before soaking.

• Soaking the nails in half a cup of tomato juice mixed with two tablespoons of olive oil is also beneficial in healing nail problems and promoting growth of nails.

• Simply applying warm olive oil also serves as an effective Nail Growth home remedy.

• Rubbing a slice of lemon on nails also helps maintain shiny nails and promotes Nail Growth naturally. Follow this therapy regularly for about five minutes and then rinse with water.

• Having jellies or other foods containing gelatin is regarded as a good natural cure for this problem. However, this belief is not backed by scientific evidence.

• Almond oil, jojoba oil, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, wheat germ oil and vitamin E oil work as excellent Nail Growth home remedies.

• A combination of lavender oil and tea tree oil not only avoids nail damage but also helps prevent nail breakage. Follow this natural Nail Growth treatment by diluting the mixture in water and then soaking the nails in the solution for 5 minutes.

• Herbal tea by adding 3/4th teaspoon of dried horsetail stems in two cups of boiling water is another valuable natural remedy for Nail Growth. To prepare this herbal remedy, steep the mixture for about 10-15 minutes, strain it. Add honey to improve the taste. Finally, drink this herbal tea to cure brittle nails and enhance Nail Growth. You can also soak your nails in a mixture of chopped horsetail stems, honey and boiling water.

• Green tea, white tea, almond extract and aloe vera are also useful in increasing Nail Growth.

• Going for frequent manicures is one of the most popular Nail Growth tips used to stimulate faster Nail Growth.

• When using these natural home remedies for Nail Growth, follow a few additional tips as well. For instance, keep the nails clean and moisturized but do not leave them wet because wet nails are more susceptible to infection.

Moreover, avoid using nail cosmetic products containing strong chemicals to prevent unnecessary nail damage. Avoid using formaldehyde based nail polishes, instead, opt for vitamin enforcing ones. When working in garden or washing dishes, make sure you wear protective gloves to protect your nails.

In addition, wear clean socks and comfortable footwear to avoid problems in toenails. Do not use nails as tools for sturdy tasks as it can make them weak.

Because you are worth it!

Diet for Nail Growth

Diet rich in Vitamin A, B2, B12, C, D, E, iron, calcium, protein etc is highly beneficial in facilitating Nail Growth natural treatment. Therefore, consume a variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts such as carrot, carrot juice, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, figs, peas, dried beans, baked beans, sunflower seeds, red pepper, alfalfa, cashew nut, walnut, melon, strawberry, milk, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, etc.

Plus, drink adequate amount of water at regular intervals throughout the day to stay hydrated and stimulate proper nail growth. Besides, follow the above mentioned home remedies for Nail growth and keep in mind that fingernails usually take about 6-8 months and toenails take nearly 12-18 months to grow out completely.

Keep in Mind Tips:

Rub lemon slice on your nails, don’t crush the slice against your nails, just rub it, at least once a week for a longer shine.

Whenever you wash hands, make sure that there is nothing sticking in your nails and they are all white and clean.

If you don’t like garlic, rub it, else eat it. It helps! I hated garlic but now I have it at least once a week for the sake of my nails :P

When you eat outside, make sure you dip your fingers in the finger-bowl, for only a brief period. Rather concentrate to rub the nails with lemon and then wipe with wet napkin.

Note: All these tips and knowledge, I have gathered them from advices from various people and net sources and endless reading. However, they helped me, even though I follow just the basic ones. So, I just felt like sharing with you all. Take Care of your nails.

Best of Luck….. :)

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