Thursday, July 18, 2013

Miracle of the day - 17 July 2013

While going back from office to home, I saw a couple in the metro. The guy looked like he was working a decent job for a couple of years now. A girl, who looked maybe a trainee or someone who couldn’t be working for real long or maybe not working at all, boarded the train along with him.

I tried my best to engage in conversation with the friend I was travelling with and not to stare at them, but I couldn’t help. Guys (to the couple), if you ever read this, and you remember me - there is just one thing I want to say, that I will always pray that the two of you remain like this forever.

As soon as they entered, there was no seat, but the guy found the best spot in the coach available for her, the pole with the map of the metro routes where you can lean, beside the door. However, the girl didn’t want to stand there. The guy said that she would tire herself.
Yet, she insisted. So they stood directly in front of me. The girl also asked me which stop was I getting off, so she knew when she could sit. Well, normally I really hate when people do that but this was the thing that made me notice them even more. So, in a way, it was more of a luck than getting annoyed. Anyways, the guy had this Samsung Galaxy Note 2  and he showed the girl with loads of enthusiasm that he had installed a lot of games on the phone for her. He opened a game and let her play. She took the phone, playfully saying that she will play when she gets the seat. However, she starts playing.

Not knowing the game, she looses, does petty mistakes and always makes a sad face when she does loose. The boy, gently takes the cell and tells her the right way to play. And he would always address her using 'Aap' and call her 'Dear' and 'Darling'… Aww, you know that was really, really sweet!

I just couldn’t help keep noticing them and when finally I got up to leave, the girl actually had to mischievous smile on her face and she was much more eager than I was. The amazing thing was, that there is a peace on the boy's face that finally, his sweetheart can sit and relax.

I havent seen such kind of love in a long time. And all I wanted to do was to tell the boy to never change and keep her like this, for the rest of their lives!

I think, that this was my miracle. To witness something so beautiful. You know, at times like these, I often wonder that when there is so much to be thankful about, so much to love, so much to care for, how does anyone find time to hate or fight?

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