Thursday, July 18, 2013

RIP Sweety, Jiah Khan, may you find your Safe-Haven

I switched on my computer on the morning of the 5th of July and was shocked when the welcome Yahoo homepage displayed "Jiah Khan suicide" and links to the videos and the photographs for the poor girl, now departed.

I never was a fan but yes the girl was good enough to have gained a name for herself in such short time. Unlike some defamed actresses, who earn their way into the industry having to expose beyond a limit, but they continue to do so. Jiah here, was yes, much more bold and had the sensual appeal that could be matched by very few, yet she had proven herself with her role in Ghajini, where she played a regular medical college student who helps the protagonists in several ways.

Indeed, in the last scene of Ghajini, she is acting as the source that unites Sanjay to his older self. When she gave him the present and the way she smiles to him, that was really good; for before when she sold his information to Ghajini, I so wanted to … aaargh!! Never say anything bad, for anyone; especially to the decreased.

Well, I immediately googled and read the entire story. It was definitely sad. I mean yes, she wasn’t the ultimate superstar or she wasn’t the prettiest lady to walk the planet, but she definitely had the potential and no one can deny that she was pretty! See how cute she can look!!

And it does take a lot of time to get a name for yourself. She was just beginning her career. Like, say, I try real hard to write and to write good, so as to become a better blogger. But as of now, all I think I have achieved is that I am addicted to blogging. When not blogging, I find myself reading about how to blog better or what is the content that should be blogged about - as a result, you see my posts are different than what they used to be earlier. Similarly, had she stayed on, not giving up and putting up a fight, I am sure in due time, she would definitely have attained the fame she truly deserved and common, I am not saying this now for she's dead. I have seen her in Ghajini and in Housefull and she did a good job of whatever was given to her. Now it aint her fault that she is given a side role!

Anyways, then there with the discovery of her suicide note, that was really shocking. For one, I, who barely knew anything about her, leave knowing her personally, felt at a complete loss for words after reading that letter! But yes, if there is one thing that I can say - that is - SHE WAS STUPID!

Sorry, if anyone close to her is reading, but who the hell gives their life for a guy?

I mean right in the first place she should have kept her distance when she knew that he was cheating on her. And then well, Suraj Pancholi?? Yeah, right! I heard his name after he was accussed for driving Jiah to suicide! But I knew Jiah! She was way more famous than he will ever be - and even after being helped by Salman Khan. No offense Salman, I know you are helping but oh common! Just look at him, he got no face. Now, I will just have to be stupid enough like Jiah to like him and if I am stupid enough, I will rather do suicide than like him! AND I DON’T BELIEVE IT - She had a secret baby?? With him? And an abortion too?? WERE YOU TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR MIND GIRL??

I don’t have anything against babies, I really like them but common, you don’t have babies when you arent even settled yet. Its not that if you had a baby you wouldn’t be able to raise it well but why have one when you in yourself are not satisfied with what level you have accomplished? Atleast a person should be in peace with himself before he or she can nurture another life.

And then okay, your letter tells that you werent ready and all the love crap, but then getting the baby aborted? You had to be possessed by an alien to make you do so crazy!! Who gets a baby killed?? Especially their own!! Right, I know India aint that perfect picture like I made it sound. There are several abortions everyday. People kill girls immediately after they are born and everything. But you were supposed to be from the educated and sensible part of the flock. Seriously, the last thing I would want in India is that people like film-stars, crickets and other celebrities who are the role models for 1000z of others to do something like that.

And the biggest thing that you did - if he was cheating on you - GO GET A LIFE!! If he tried to torment you or torture you physically - GO TO THE POLICE!! None of them involve hanging yourself off the ceiling. Did you even think what your mother and your sister might feel. How your friends are going to remember you as? How will anyone to whom you mattered, move on?? THIS WAS ONE VERY SELFISH STUPID THING TO DO!

Its really easy to die, try living with the pain! That  is the real thing that kills!

And common, if the guy didn’t value you when you were alive, would he ever value you after you are dead?

You could have easily gotten several better guys!

Trust me sweetheart, if I could, I would bring you back to life. For you arenot, rather no one is destined to such an end. Love is a beautiful feeling and you just invested in the wrong place. No one deserves to die for that.. Rather no one should be stupid enough! We learn from our mistakes.

But now, all I can do is, pray that you find peace. That you are finally able to shed away all the pain that you wrote about and move on. And I also pray that others see the light before doing what you did! Amen!

RIP honey. Be at Peace

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