Monday, July 29, 2013

Being 'Materialistic'

Just yesterday, the teacher of English for our extra aptitude classes, mentioned his blog. He said his friend earns a living of like 2.5 lakhs from the blog, and seeing that, he started blogging. He is now earning like 10000 monthly. In the same flow, he then said that people hate the word 'materialistic' however he loves it.

The honest confession would be that I don’t either find anything wrong with being materialistic. I mean sir would be like in his later half of the twenties or the very early thirties, but definitely not a day more. At his age, everyone wants to earn; that is the primary reason why anyone would work in the prime of their lives. As in, this is one age period when we are adult enough to make choices and take decisions but this is also the only time when we can enjoy our lives to the maximum. So, if he wants to earn more, apart from his regular job, there is no wrong that I see. Moreover, he is definitely earning money the honest way. There is nothing wrong with blogging, rather the entire world says that we should blog.
On the same line of thought, the other teacher said that the entire world is definitely getting online. And by blogging, we definitely get a feel of how it is going to be like in a few years from today.

Getting ahead, like my room-mate said after listening to sir, that there are a number of beneficial things that one can do online, yet what is most chosen is - facebook, twitter, chatting, youtube, etc. Guys and Gals, oh common! Get a life! Its not that I don’t facebook or twitter or chat or youtube for that matter, but the internet is filled with a hundred of better things. Make an effort to find atleast one of them.
Like the other sir said, you can choose to buy a book from ebay or flipkart or any other online shopping site, but you can always spare a few minutes and search the internet and you are bound to find the book or another similar book, free of cost. He said that in a matter of minutes, he was able to find ebooks otherwise worth 26000. And this is true, I myself possess ebooks for course materials to the latest programming technologies to novels to user-manuals, and it is all out there, staring at you.

In a way, I did use the net to save some money, and for the same, it wouldn’t be a hard thing to call me 'materialistic'.

Just to make myself clear, I am not against the word, and unlike experts in the language, I don’t find any word negative or positive. There are just words. If you do good, the word used to account for your act is good, but if you do bad, then definitely there needs to be a corresponding word to account for that too. As in, if no one ever did steal, then the word 'steal' wouldn’t be there at all. So there is no point in saying that a word is a word. Similarly, being 'materialistic' is bad if you con people and hurt others to make your way through. But if you are just not wanting an attachment in the way, I doubt if there is anything wrong.

Yes, I do believe in what Gandhiji prophesized. He said that progress for the sake of progress of a single person is never progress. Only when the society progresses, do we all progress in the real manner.
I do believe that we don’t have to be mean little folks and there is definitely always scope to help those around you but common, in a world like today's where everyone is doing all to help themselves, if you just sit back and wait for the society to progress, I am sorry my friends to break it to you, the entire world is moving down in the graph. There is no rising from where we are headed to. As they say, we are all going to hell, so better you do your part of sins before landing there.

Even after writing this much, I cant deny that much of this is never implemented by me. Like I mentioned in my other post, I did want to earn money from blogging. Okay, let's just get clear on this point - I like blogging and there is no harm earning a few bucks out of it. Also, I get lazy when I just write, but when I was writing for monetary reasons, I always wanted to blog more and more. That is a better thing I believe.
Back to point well, like  already stated, I really wanted to earn money, but that was never at the cost of the satisfaction that I get when I see a comment in the post saying that they liked it. Or remember the post where I wrote about a person who mentioned my blog in his post and also said that he felt motivated reading it, these are two instances of moments where money seems to loose it value (and that's saying something for if I would have, I would have earned in US dollars ;P). But ofcourse, today I am a student, my parents are there to support me financially. All I got to do is study and enjoy. So in a way of saying, I have all the time in the world to think all good and do good. Probably when I come of age where earning becomes more of a necessity than a unknown venture, as it is for me now, maybe then I might consider this to be a better source of income than it is today - a source of contentment and satisfaction for my hunger to write more and more.

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