Friday, July 12, 2013

Miracle of d day.... ;)

Hey Friends,
Well - Miracle of Day is nothing very mysterious, contrary to as it sounds ;)

Indeed, trust me, its rather very simply!!

Every day, from morning as we wake, till we sleep... we do a thousand of chores, meet several people and all our actions have some consequences. Sometimes our actions result in happiness, sometimes in sadness or anger.
However, there will also be actions that make a difference!!

There are times, when you cant always desire, you need to give at moments!!

Therefore, we have the miracle of the Day! :)
Everyday, I am going to live like I always do :P but there will be something I did that will make someone else's life better or provide someone else happiness. That will be my Miracle!

Like, the best I remember was, on 1st May 2013, my friend Param and I wished someone 'Happy Birthday' ... I know it's kinda lame but apparently we wished the first people and probably the only people who did it at 12 midnight. The person was kinda wanting someone to wish.. someone else, so was a lil upset but we wished and atleast for one moment, but that ought to have cheered him up!
In the day ofcourse we gave him a Dairy Milk - Fruit and Nut, which outta have done more than a wish!! Yumm :P
That was my Miracle for that day!

Now, whenever I do something like that, and I remember to write - you will read such stupid things but always things that leave a smile, even if for a second, on someone's face!

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